Our Talented Contributors

Our Talented Contributors

Great organizations are built on the strong shoulders of talented individuals. Agape Source Financial Corporation is very lucky to have these talented contributors on the team.

Contributing Photographer

Dan Howell

Dan Howell lives in Northglenn, Colorado, and is a cousin to the Founder.

Dan works for the Denver Postal Service and in his spare time is an avid mountain climber and enjoys photography. Photos used in this website are from Dan’s various travels around the world and his wonderful eye for capturing God’s artwork in a picture.

Agape Source Financial would like to thank Dan for his contribution and contributing photographs that express this ministry in pictures.

Britney Marie Tonniges

Britney Marie Tonniges

Britney Tonniges is a full time graphic designer for the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and part time freelance designer.

When Marsha described her vision for Agape Source Financial and showed Britney pictures of what she wanted in a logo, Britney wanted to offer help. Together Britney and Marsha created a unique design with elements that help to explain what Agape Source Financial Corporation can offer; Faith, Love, and financial help.

I was happy to donate my time in designing the Agape (Source Financial) logo, and I can’t wait to see this Ministry grow!”

Britney Tonniges