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Agape Source Financial Corporation will take applications to provide financial help, hope and healing.

  • Partner church will make referral to Agape Source Financial on behalf of the participant.
  • Applications will be reviewed by Agape’s staff.
  • Determination of eligibility will be discussed with Board of Director’s and prospective mentor.
  • Agape Source Financial staff will meet with mentor to determine financial/educational plan, accountability, and other goals, and the investment of an Agape Gift when applicable.

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Agape Source Financial Corporation is a 501 C 3, non-profit organization that empowers individuals to turn financial boulders into stepping stones on journey to financial freedom. Agape Source Financial empowers individuals with tools needed to help individuals to become self-sufficient. A huge proponent in this process is mentoring, education, accountability, and investments. Agape Financial Source Corporation views assistance offered without these other pieces is not empowering, but instead creating a dependency and reliance on the part of recipients. Feedback received from some that receive assistance through other entities is that they feel “victimized” by a system that creates a prison cell from which the person cannot get out of. That needs to change, we exist to offer this change.

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Agape Financial Source Corporation respects your privacy and will not contact you by phone unless requested. All information submitted will be treated with confidentiality and your contact information will not be given to other entities.