How This Will Work

1st – Building Financial Capital And Church Partnerships

– Agape Source Financial will establish working capital from those that become financial partners.

– Agape Source will work through churches in order to provide accountability and mentoring to prospective participants.

-Agape Source will provide training for financial mentors.

-Partner churches will receive a tithe on monthly basis from Agape Source for their Benevolence funds to minister to those outside of Body of Christ.

-Partner churches can assist by providing a location where trainings can be held and provide financial mentor’s from their own congregation.

-Partner churches will help spread the ministry information of Agape Source Financial.

2nd- Agape Source Will Take Applications For Agape Gift Investment

– Partner church will make referral to Agape Source Financial on behalf of the participant.

– Applications will be reviewed monthly by Agape’s Board of Director’s and/or staff-emergency situations will be reviewed promptly.

-Determination of eligibility will be disussed with partner church and prospective mentor.

-Agape Source Financial staff will meet with mentor and determine financial plan, the investment of an Agape Gift, and other goals as seen fit by Agape staff.

3rd- Mentor Will Meet With Participant On Weekly Basis For Mentoring And Accountability

-Participant will divulge all financial information openly and honestly with mentor including sources of public aid.

-Participant and mentor will create a plan of action to decrease financial burdens and/or public assistance and live within means. This may include downsizing, determining and prioritizing needs versus wants, and eliminating debt from credit cards and other sources that deter from God’s financial guidance.

-Mentor will assist participant in applying for Agape Gift Investment after participant has proven the desire to be accountable and responsible in their finances.

-Mentor will ensure Agape Gift Investment is utilized for intended need and that participant is fulfilling program obligations.