Agape Source Financial Corporation

Christian financial skills for life

Agape Source Financial provides a beacon of light.

Agape Source is a 501 C 3 non-profit, non-denominational organization serving as the heart and hands of Christ.  Founded by Marsha Mars, Agape Source Financial provides financial hope, help, and healing, turning financial boulders into stepping stones on journey to financial freedom.  To empower individuals to recognize and help discern areas of difficulty in order to create a personalized plan to help reach an achievable and sustainable level of financial security in all manners of their walk.  Agape Source will provide mentors to help develop strengths in those that seek the aid and will serve as an accountability person to build a foundation of financial independence.  Agape Source is also committed to assisting  the Church in ministering benevolence funds in a manner that empowers the receiver, fostering individual responsibility and growth in the process.  Agape Source will  minister to those in need with wisdom, discernment, and discretion without creating an environment that enables or entitles one to continue to walk in error in their finances. We see an opportunity to be the eyes and hands into the lives of those struggling, take away the shame of asking for help, will make non-biased decisions, and provide a safe place to grow.

“Agape Source Financial Corporation is committed to helping individuals learn financial skills for life, and once free, those very same individuals then become a catalyst to freeing others from the chains of debt.

Agape Source will be supported by Churches, individuals, and entities that share in our passion and vision to see people free. Agape Source is committed to handling those donations in a responsible and honorable way, and will be transparent in all matters of donations.   Our passion and mission is to see those in need educated, supported, and encouraged to walk in financial freedom.  We are non-denominational and will not enter into divisions or factions over different doctrines, however; we will stand on the ground of what is stated in our “Statement of Faith“.