Agape Source Financial Corporation

Providing Godly financial help, hope and healing

Agape Source Financial Corporation is committed to serving others with excellence and integrity, using Christian values as our foundation.

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Agape Source Financial Corporation is asking for your assistance to see this ministry take flight.  Please take under prayerful consideration what you can do to help.  It will take a united effort for our ministry to reach those in need.  You can contribute in prayer, monitarily, or donate your time. …read how your individual skills can help. Agape Source is a non-profit, nondenomination- al organization serving as the heart and hands of Christ.  Founded by Marsha Mars, providing financial hope, help, and healing according to God’s Word by meeting the individual or family at their specific point of need.   …read more to discover how Agape Source Financial is providing hope If you have questions or would like more information about the services Agape Source Financial has to offer please fill out the form here. We respect your privacy and will not contact you by phone unless requested. All information submitted to us will be treated with confidentiality and your contact information will not be given to other entities.