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Marsha Mars, Founder

Marsha Mars, Founder Agape Source Financial

In 1999, Marsha Mars had become overwhelmed by the pending foreclosure of home and business and the probability of a divorce, as the financial strain had taken a toll on everything that existed. That October, the banker was calling telling Marsha that if she and her sons were not out of the house by the end of the month, they would move them and her belongings to the street.

They had already taken Marsha’s car, and she was trying to find work but couldn’t.  According to Marsha, “I cannot describe that period in my life, I felt like I had walked into a room and someone turned off the lights.”

Marsha Mars felt so alone, so hopeless, and so unsure of her future. She had lost everything and had no one else to turn to.

“Although I was a member of a church, this sort of thing was not something you talked about. When I went to church, everyone and everything was ‘fine’, even if I wasn’t”, proclaimed Mars.

Marsha would put on her plastic smile, dress clothes, and go to church and sit next to those that were also “fine”. In hindsight, probably not doing much better than her, only no one talked about it. Outside of church, Marsha would only confide in a few friends.

Marsha remembers stating, “I was told I needed to file bankruptcy, but did not feel it was an option, as I kept remembering Psalms 37:21 and ‘the wicked borrow and do not repay…’ continued to ring in my head. I could not help but feeling as if I wanted to die.”

Marsha asked, “God, take me home and let someone else raise my children, surely they would do a better job than I. How could I let my children be homeless, how did I get here and what are we going to do now? I knew I had made my own mess, and did not feel that God was responsible to clean it up for me. Little did I understand at the time, that is what God’s love is all about, to love unconditionally, and when we are ready to fall on our knees before Him, he is more than happy to pick us up and restore us. This is the key friends, to this whole ministry. We will never ever get it perfectly right, nor will be ever be without blame, and it takes a loving, merciful, and gracious Father to ‘clean up the messes we are'”.

Marsha thought during this time that if she was going to make it, “I had to throw myself on God and depend solely on him, which is not an easy task when you are hanging from a limb of a tree over the edge of a cliff. I literally would go to bed at night with the bible over my head. If I ever needed His promises to be true, it was then.”

To make a long and hard story short, God showed Marsha in miraculous ways how He will provide for those that are obedient to Him. October 30th was a Saturday,  Marsha had no money, no place to move, and two children to take along with her.  At the end of her rope, and the end of the month, Marsha received a phone call from a sister of a friend that was praying for and was a mentor to Marsha.  Even though the lady did not live in the same state the Lord had laid on her heart to minister His goodness from another state .  The woman called Marsha on Saturday, the 30th, and told Marsha that while she was praying that morning God had put on her heart to wire Marsha $3,000.00 and asked where to wire the money.

“I was speechless”, exclaimed Marsha Mars.  “Now I had money. I still had no place to go, but I had money.”

The small rural town Marsha lived in had few rental homes. Marsha had been looking all month and there were none available. Later that same afternoon, two women came to Marsha’s door and told her about a house they had walked past they noticed a cardboard sign nailed to a tree that stated ‘For Rent’.

“I literally viewed the house at night, with a flashlight as the utilities had been shut off from last tenant. I had no idea what that house really looked like. The next day, Sunday as member’s of my church were helping me move what I had left, which was little, the banker arrived to lock me out, yes on Sunday he appeared with a different lock, and that was the end of my life as I knew it.”

Marsha explained she knew then, that the Hand that was holding her in the dark, had just led her to the light, ironically, renting that house by flashlight was reasonable after the month she had just experienced.

“We do walk by faith, not by sight, and at times God gives us firsthand experiences to learn these hard learned truths.” explained Marsha.

Over the years Marsha’s  faith has strengthened as well as her finances. Now with God’s grace, hard work, and determination, it is Marsha’s vision, through Agape Source Financial Corporation, to help others do the same, now able to see the second half of Psalms 37:21 “…but the righteous give generously.”

“This is what God has prepared me for, and the reason I suffered in the valley, so I would turn to help others out of what feels like; ‘The valley of the shadow of death'”, described Marsha. “I did not want to go back to the fire, and to this day I can still smell smoke of the remnants of the fire that came through my life.

“Only now, I can say that the verse, ‘and provide for those who grieve in Zion— to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.’-Isaiah 61:3, is a scripture that always reminds me that God allows nothing, absolutely nothing; to come into our lives that He cannot bring glory from, and shine the light of His love upon. His love is what carried me through and His love is what propels me today.” – Marsha Mars

“If you have been under financial strain, you know exactly what I am talking about.  I invite you to join me in this call, either through your prayerful support, financially, experimentally, or by being a partaker and one day a helper.  This is going to take a united front, the Body of Christ working together, if you are reading this, it is going to take you!”

In Christ’s Service~
Marsha Mars, Founder



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