Kaleb’s Beans-Seeds Sown Sprout!

Things finally seem to be falling into place! Got a full time job in media, which I have really wanted for a long time and never thought I’d find around here. Something I can excel at (that’s not a dead end) with unlimited potential in a field I want to be in. This is not just a new job… it is the start of a career I intend to retire from someday. I turned down a full-time media job around the first of the year only because of geography and my Babygirl. Now it appears I’ve …found a really good deal on a place to live that’s closer to work and closer to Cailyn. Feeling pretty darned blessed right now!

The moral of the story is… keep the main things the main things and God will put you where you’re meant to be and give you the desires of your heart at the same time! You just have to keep in mind that sometimes it doesn’t look like what it is when it’s happening, but you’ve got to have faith and let it play out and understand that His timing is perfect. Super perfect!

Not quite 2 weeks ago I was out of a job after being lied about and lied to by people I used to trust. I was angry, I was frustrated, I was hurt and disappointed and I was more worried about the next step than I let anybody know and it all felt kinda hopeless. But the fact of the matter is that what happened had to happen the way it did and when it did for everything that’s happened since to be possible. So don’t lose faith when things look a mess and remember that there’s no such thing as coincidence when you trust in the Lord. Everything has a purpose and happens for a reason, even if we don’t realize it in the moment of our trials. Romans 8:28 ~Chad H

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