Agape Source Financial Corporation

Church Partnerships

contact Agape Source Financial CorporationOur passion and mission is to enlist church partnerships see the Body of Christ become free from financial burdens and supporting ministries and missionaries that are spreading the Gospel of Christ. We are non-denominational in the manner that we will not enter into divisions or factions over different doctrines, however; we will stand on the ground of what is stated in our “Statement of Faith“.

Building Financial Capital and Church Partnerships

  • Agape Source Financial will establish working capital from those that become financial partners.
  • Agape Source will work through churches in order to provide accountability and mentoring to prospective participants.
  • Agape Source will provide training for financial mentors if needed.
  • Partner churches will receive a tithe on monthly basis from Agape Source for their Benevolence funds to minister to those outside of Body of Christ.
  • Partner churches can assist by providing a location where trainings can be held and provide financial mentor’s from their own congregation.
  • Partner churches will help spread the ministry information of Agape Source Financial to eliminte costs for publicity.

If your church is interested in becoming an Agape Source Financial Corporation Church Partner or learning more about Agape Source Financial is, please fill out the below form.

Agape Financial Source Corporation respects your privacy and will not contact you by phone unless requested. All information submitted will be treated with confidentiality and your contact information will not be given to other entities.